Daily Prompt – Uneven

Marina let herself into the apartment.

“Hola, Momma,” Mollie greeted her from the couch, where she was curled up with a book.

“Hey, baby,” she smiled, hanging up her coat. The ground felt slightly uneven after the multiple margaritas she had consumed with Alex. “How was your day?”

“Awesome! Uncle Alex is el loco.”

“That he is,” Marina agreed. She felt conflicted again. The margaritas had helped remind her of the Alex she had been friends with, but she still couldn’t get past the Alex who ran away.

Marina sank into the couch beside Mollie. “I’m glad you had fun. You can see Alex and Abuela and Abuelo whenever you want, you know that, right?”

“I know,” the teen nodded, frowning slightly. “You know what I would really like?”

“What, baby?”

“Going to dinner… you, me, and Uncle Ale.”

Marina let out a long tense breath.



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