Daily Prompt – Doubt

“I’m terrified,” Alex confessed to Jared.

“Terrified of what?”

“The musical theatre scene has changed so much since I left. Everything now has been Disney-fied or has huge stars attached to the productions… Ticket prices are astronomical, so patrons expect a lot for their hard earned money. What if I can’t pull it off? What if all of this flops? I had all of these grandiose ideas coming back, but I never realized how disconnected from New York City’s new reality I’ve been.”

“Wow… meltdown much?” Jared cracked a smile.

Alex ran both hands through his lustrous hair. “I am in a complete panic.”

Jared knew the time for jovial conversation was over and that Alex needed a good old fashioned pep talk before the self doubt completely annihilated him.




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