Daily Prompt – Exquisite

Alex stood on the stage of the most exquisite theatre he had ever seen, staring out into the house, trying to memorize every detail; the heavy velvet curtains, the marble columns, the gold leaf painted moldings and accents, the extravagant crystal chandelier, and Gothic textured wall paper. It was a stunning, vintage theater the Everhouse Theatre Company had bought and rehabbed as a labor of love.

“Hey,” Marina’s voice startled him out of his reverie.

“Hey,” he smiled shyly.

“You okay?”

He nodded. “Honestly, I’ve never been better. Will just called, we have an opening date – here, on this stage. My show is going to open on Broadway.”

Marina threw her arms around his neck. “Oh, Alex! I am so happy for you.”

Alex wrapped his arms around her. “Thank you.” He pulled back to look into her eyes. “Despite all my bravado, I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Marina stepped back, suddenly avoiding his eyes.

“What?” he asked. “What’s wrong?”


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  1. macygrayblog · January 16, 2017

    Oh, is that how it ends?!😩 I was so engaged, Great storytelling!


    • ponine23 · January 16, 2017

      There’s more. I promise. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it.


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