Daily Prompt: Hopeful

Marina awoke to delicious smells and the sounds of giggles coming from the kitchen. She experienced a moment of disorientation as she processed not waking in her own bed and realized she and Mollie had spent the night at Alex’s. The phone call letting her know about Ben, taking Mollie and sharing a shot of whiskey all came flooding back and she realized that it felt nice to not be at odds with Alex for a change.

She threw back the covers and padded out to the kitchen where she found Alex and Mollie making breakfast together. “Mornin’,” Alex greeted her with a smile.

“Morning. Something smells good.”

“Uncle Alé is making his frittata,” Mollie explained.


“I see you found something to wear,” he smirked at her standing there in his Superman t-shirt and gym shorts.

“Yeah, well… My clothes smelled like hospital,” she shrugged.

“Coffee is almost ready.” He pulled Marina aside while Mollie was selecting a CD to enjoy while they ate. “Okay, so please don’t think I am trying to tell you how to parent, but I have a suggestion. It might be best to talk to Mollie sooner rather than later. I know you need to get back to the hospital and if you want I can take Mollie to school or she can hang out with me all day, or I can take her over to Ma’s… Whatever you want.”

“I know you’re right, but I can’t help but wish a few more minutes of innocence for her. I woke up and heard her in here giggling with you and I felt so grateful.”

“I get it,  but with what she heard from Zach and what little I did tell her, she has questions, I just figured it’s better she get the answers from you or we can do it together.”

“Okay, but first coffee?”

Alex smiled. “Of course.” Instinctively, he pressed a kiss to her temple. “Frittata is ready.” He returned to the oven and pulled the piping hot pan out while Marina poured them each cups of coffee. “Breakfast is ready, munchkin. Get the OJ, please.”

Mollie pressed play on the CD player, amused by her uncle’s old school sound system. The Talking Heads began playing and Alex smirked that Mollie would chose from his collection of 80’s music.

The three of them sat down to breakfast and Mollie snuck glanced at each of them, hiding a giggle.

“What?” Alex raised an eyebrow as he served each of them frittata.

“Look at us, sitting here… having breakfast… almost like a real family,” she grinned broadly.

Alex smirked at Marina who rolled her eyes at him over her coffee mug. “Speaking of family,” she said, changing the subject.

“Ben…” Mollie frowned.  “Is he ok?” she asked, hopeful.





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