Daily Prompt: Crossing

“Do you think it will make it any easier to hear it?” Alex asked, crossing the room to stand before Marina.

“I don’t know,” she nodded.

“Fine let’s do this then. Here. Now.”


“I have loved you since… Well, for as long as I can remember. I’m not talking about as a friend, or family, I am talking about being soul crushingly in love with you. But I was young and stupid and never acted on it because I thought… I don’t know, I had a laundry list of reasons why the timing wasn’t right. We were in the middle of a show, your divorce had just become final, you had kids, I was only twenty-one… Take your pick. Like I said, I was stupid.”


“No, let me finish, this what you’ve been dying to hear for months, years even…”

Her chin trembled.

“Then, opening night, you met Danny and you two were perfect for each other and I stood by watching the two people I loved most in the world fall in love and get married and have Mollie. Then, Danny died at the World Trade Center and I had to leave. I had to get the hell away from here. I couldn’t fill his shoes, I didn’t deserve to be in your lives. I felt guilty and ashamed because I never stopped loving you or Mollie. I felt guilty for living. So, I left.”

“To punish yourself?”

“Partly. But to stop the pain. It was torture being around you, knowing that I was betraying Danny.”

“You should have talked to me. Fifteen years went by. Mollie’s entire childhood. Everything.”

“I know.”

“So instead, you wrote this show…”

He shrugged. “It was my catharsis. My penance. It was a way to honor my big brother.”

“Did you think it would fix everything?”

“No. Not in a million years.”

“I hate you, Alejandro,” she whispered.

“I know.”

“But… I think I might love you, too. How is that even possible?”




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