Daily Prompt: Renewal

Marina drained the last of her Jameson and glanced at the clock on the wall. “I should go,” she frowned. “I hate waking Mollie up.”

“So don’t. Crash here. No point in trekking all the way uptown, just to head back here and you’re closer to the hospital in case Jared needs you.”

Marina glanced around the apartment. “Ummm…”

“I’m not making a pass at you. You can crash with Mollie in my room. I was taking the couch anyway.”


“It’s fine and it makes sense. Help yourself to anything you need. I’ll even make frittata for breakfast.”

“Thank you.”

He shrugged. “Don’t mention it.” He poured himself another shot of Jameson as Marna disappeared into his bedroom. It was unclear if this was a renewal of their old friendship or a fresh start, but whatever it was, he was going to take it.



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