Daily Prompt: Pillage

It was after two am when Marina arrived at Everhouse. “Did I wake you?” she asked as Alex opened the door.

“No. I was awake. Come on in. Can I get you some coffee or tea? Or something stronger?”

Marina stepped inside and shrugged off her coat. “Have any whiskey?”

“Of course.” He led her to the kitchen breakfast bar and grabbed a bottle,of Jameson and two glasses. “How is Ben?”

“Resting. Jared is staying with him. I wanted to check on Mollie.”

He poured them each a double shot of whiskey. “She is okay. She’s asleep in my room. We watched Gilmore Girls, I let her pillage my cd collection and she went to bed. However, it seems Zach texted her. She has lots of questions. I told her enough to satisfy her and said you’d explain it all to her. I hope that was ok.”

Marina took a sip of Jameson. “It’s fine. I appreciate it. Really.”

“Look at us, behaving like civilized adults… Who knew?”

“Tonight, my best friend almost lost his son. I could be there with him because you called and let me know and because I knew Mollie was safe. I didn’t have to worry about my kid and could be there for Jared, so thank you.”

Alex shifted uncomfortably, he had become accustomed to bickering and fighting with Marina so hearing her praise him was disconcerting.

“I mean it.”

He nodded, taking a large gulp of whiskey. “You are an amazing mom… Zach, Zander and Zoey are great kids. Mollie is amazing.”

“Thank you. I may suck at personal relationships, but my kids are the ne thing I got right. I am blessed with four kids who are happy and healthy. I ache for Jared. He blames himself. He thinks he condemned Ben to this disease.”

“He’s wrong. If anything, Ben has a fighting chance because of J.”

“I tried telling him that. He doesn’t listen.”

“I know this isn’t the time for this,  but how does your show end? Do Marissa and Diego end up together? Or are they destined to be apart?”

Alex frowned thoughtfully. “Honestly, I don’t know. The romantic in me wants them to have a chance, but the cynic believes that Diego is beyond redemption.”

Marina tilted her head to look at him. “Is anyone ever truly beyond redemption?”

“I don’t know. I have two endings written. I am waiting to see how rehearsals go before I commit to one.”




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