Daily Prompt:Shine

“In the wild, polar bears live about twenty-five years,” Mollie reported as she poured over her homework on the bar.

“More cocoa, love?” Tristan asked and she blushed furiously under the Irishman’s piercing gaze.

“Yes, please,” she replied and the handsome bartender quickly complied. She snuck a peek at her uncle who was staring intently at his iPhone. “Everything okay with Uncle J?”

“Yeah,” Alex nodded absentmindedly.

“You’re lying.” She frowned. “I’m not a little kid. You don’t have to protect me,” she commented in a tone that belied her words.

Alex sighed. “Okay. Fine. All I know is that Ben is in the hospital and Uncle J had to go be with him.”

“Was that so hard?” she challenged.

“Watch it,” he warned.

“Sorry.” Her apology was sincere and he knew it. “Is Ben going to be okay?”

“I don’t know,” he frowned.

Mollie knew she wasn’t going to get any more information out of Alex. She couldn’t help but worry about Ben, the oldest of the Grey kids, who was like another big brother to her. She thought of something her Abuela always said, “Only the brightest of lights shine the shortest.” A sudden fear struck Mollie as she watched Alex furiously texting, what if Ben’s light was already done shining?




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