Daily Prompt: Bounty

“Ever feel like there is a bounty on your head?” Ben asked his father as they sat in his hospital room looking out at the Manhattan skyline.

“What do you mean?” Jared asked, trying to make sense of what Ben was going through without projecting his own experiences on him.

“I mean… like there’s a price to pay in order to be happy?” Ben ran his fingers through his short dark hair.

“I don’t know if it works like that.”

“You met Momma, got married and I showed up. Surprise! Then Rye and Jake are born and Momma gets sick… Marina and Danny get married and have Mollie, only to have Danny killed on 9/11. It’s like there’s a price to pay to be happy.”

“Ben… you know Kelly and I have loved you from the moment we knew you existed. The best thing Kara ever did in her life was to give you to us.”

“I know…” He was having difficulty finding the words.



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