Alex opened the door and smiled, welcoming Jared, Will and Adam into his apartment. “Welcome, gentlemen.”

“Welcome home, Alex,” Adam grinned, giving him a high five.

“Thanks! How goes it?” He took their coats and led them to the kitchen island that was masquerading as a bar. “What can I get you?”

Jared pointed to the bottle of water and Alex handed it to him. “Gracias.”

“Still alive and kicking after all this time,” Adam shrugged in response. “I’ll take a Jameson. Neat.”

Alex gave him a look of concern. “Man, you are an inspiration.” He grabbed a glass and poured the shot of Irish whiskey.

“Ha! HIV and I are old friends. It hasn’t killed me yet.”

Alex looked at Jared and Will. “Is he always this nonchalant?”

“Pretty much,”Will acknowledged. “I’ll take a Stella.”

Alex opened a bottle of Stella Artois and handed it to his producer.

“I’ve gone through many phases of this disease. Depression, denial, pleading, hopelessness, now, I have come to accept that I am HIV positive, but I am not symptomatic thanks to amazing medical breakthroughs in the twenty some years.”

“It’s amazing.”

Adam nodded. “When I was diagnosed I thought it was a death sentence… but now, I have hope that I’ll live another twenty years. I’m just going to relax and take it one decade at a time.” He smirked.




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