Daily Prompt: Fortune

“Do you think you could love Alex?” Jared asked softly and Marina answered with a heavy sigh.

“Guess that answers that,” he mused, adding creamer to his coffee.

“As a human… I thought about it once, a long time ago. Well before I met Danny. But Alex never made a move., so I figured he wasn’t interested. And then I met Danny and he was so different from my asshole of an ex-husband…” She frowned.

“And now he’s no longer a human?”

She giggled. “I just mean, he’s not just any guy. He’s my brother-in-law, Mollie’s uncle… He’s so talented. His show is absolutely amazing. Danny would be so touched, so proud. And he’s an amazing uncle to Mollie.”


“But… I don’t know… I don’t know if I can forgive him for leaving when Danny died.”  She wiped a tear that trailed down her cheek. “I was suddenly a widow, a single mom with four kids… the only thing in my favor was that I get a small fortune for my divorce settlement from that cheating bastard, Shawn and child support from Kyle because Danny’s life insurance settlement took years to get because he died in a freaking terrorist attack, in the line of duty. It was a nightmare. And it wasn’t even just about finances. I could deal with that. I grew up without money, I could take care of myself and my kids.  I needed family. Luckily I had you. And where was Alex? He took off to London and wrote a brilliant musical expressing all of his pain…”

“To be fair, he did lose his brother.”

“I know that!” she snapped. “But I lost both of them!”



via Daily Prompt: Fortune



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