“Are you happy now?” Alex snarled at Marina in the middle of Times Square, drawing looks from the tourists. It had changed significantly in the fifteen years he has been in London. Everywhere he looked, there were tourists or creepy characters you could pay to take a photo with. He almost missed the hookers and nefarious crowds that plagued Times Sqare before it was cleaned up to be more family friendly.

“What?” She froze in her tracks.

“You heard me! Mollie is missing. This one is on you.”

“First of all, Mollie is not missing. She is a pissed off fifteen year old who knows this city better than you do. Second, how is her taking off my fault?”

“She heard us arguing. That’s why she took off.”

“So, we argue all the time?”

Frustrated, Alex ran his hands through his hair, his deep brown eyes searching her green ones. “Mollie thinks her father died so you and I could be together. She has a whole theory about it. She thinks we’ve always belonged together.”

Marina’s chin trembled as she fought to control her emotions. “She told you that?”

He nodded.


“We need to find her. If anything happens to her…” Hastily he wiped his eyes, then shoved his hands into his pockets.

Marina reached out an put her hand on his arm.






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