There’s a Million Things I Haven’t Done….

Continuing my random Hamilton quotes. Maybe some day I will win the lottery and be able to afford tix.

I was reading through my original posts. Things have been pretty stagnant these past two years. Still living in the same flat (7+ years now), I did start a new job -in New York State, still commuting 45 minutes, but it’s elementary and I love love love it. I am still a size 10. My Type 2 Diabetes has been relatively under control, although they changed my meds (thanks to the new insurance from the new job) so things are in limbo until my next appointment. I am still single. My apartment is still a mess, but in progress. I still suck at meal planning (hence the brownies I ate for dinner tonight). My 81 year old parents take up quite a bit of my time and I fluctuate between resenting that and trying to not take for granted every moment I still have with them. The thought of losing either of them sets me into paralyzing fear.

I started this yesterday and due to technological difficulties, I had to post it before I was done. Now I forget where I was going with it. Grr….

I am enjoying the Daily One Word Writing Prompts. They are helping me with my writing. I am the queen of unfinished novels.

I want change. I am happier now than I have been in the past two years. But I could do better.


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