Talk Less, Smile More

… don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.

One of my favorite lines from Hamilton and pretty much how I present my Facebook life. I try to stay very silent about politics. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions, because I do. I just don’t desire being attacked by people whose views differ from mine. I don’t trust that there would be honest rational discussion, I have too many friends at both extreme ends of the spectrum.

I find it sad that we have to worry about offending people with everything we do or say. Typically, there is very little that actually offends me. Sure there are things that annoy me, but few things fat out here fend me. See, I have the power and control to decide what I find offensive. Swearing does not offend me. Sure there is a time and place for it, certainly not where I work, and I almost never say the F word in front of my parents out of respect. I am not a big fan of the “C U Next Tuesday” word as a general rule, nor do I care for the “N” word in any of its forms or who it is used by. Those are probably the only ones, others depend on the circumstances whether they have the power to offend me.

Actions are another story. Abuse of any kind offends me. Purposely hurting another person or diminishing them as a human offends me. Grown men, dressing up in silly costumes sometimes as women does not offend me. It is meant to be funny, not demeaning but people are so uber sensitive. A young professional athlete dressed as Marilyn Monroe for initiation is not offensive. A ball player beating his wife or girlfriend is. Guys in short skirts and heals is funny, not offensive. A ball player taking steroids to get ahead is.

People choose to be offended over stupid trivial things, yet elect a man for President who is repeatedly offensive towards women, minorities and disabled people. How are they not offended? I don’t understand. I just don’t. Major League Baseball has banned rookie hazing from allowing them to dress as women. THIS is our priority? I do not find grown men dressed horrifically in silly female costumes degrading to my sex. I find it hysterical.

I believe in equal rights for ALL humans. In jobs, marriage, all of it. But I also believe one needs to be qualified and actually good at a job.  I’ll talk about female sportscasters another day.

I feel this is appropriate considering I am reading “The Happiness Project” and I can choose what makes me happy, makes me unhappy, offended even. Only I can give others the power to offend me. People need to decide what is most important to our human race. Grown men dressing as woman should not be on that list right now.


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