Once upon a time, in a pre 9/11 world, I was fearless. Or stupid depending on your perspective. The internet and chatting were new, I was in college – on my own for the first time. From the safety of my computer, I chatted with people from all over the world. I had “penpals” from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, California… We formed imaginary bonds in the middle of the night. We had aliases like MaraJade, Wiseguy, Pavement, Yeti, Lola and Dash Rendar. We could be anyone we wanted.

Once I traveled 15 hours one way by bus to visit some of these people in a small college town in Peterborough, Ontario.

At the age of 25, I left home and to attend a graduate school program, and upon graduation, I moved an hour from home for my first job. I would explore NYC on my own without a second thought.

Now at 40, it’s a struggle to go to the mall.

Why is that? What happened to my sense of adventure?

Most importantly, how do I get it back?


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