New At This

Like I mentioned, I am new to this blogging thing. Mostly because I have the attention of a fruit fly in the produce aisle. I cannot jump in mid blog to follow someone. I need to find the beginning and read forward and that can be time consuming. And despite my love of writing, I have a love/hate relationship with computers and social media. I like my journal that I can bring everywhere and write or doodle or copy down interesting quotes. So I lose momentum and then I forget my passwords and Boom! It’s over. Let’s just say I was the kid who could not finish a paint by numbers piece because I got bored, already knowing what the outcome would be.

Anyway, I’ll take any insight into having a successful blog. And if you read my post about public speaking, you know I HATE being the center of attention, so I have only told two people in my life about this thing. So, I am relying on the kindness of strangers to help me find my way. I did come across The Daily Post which gives advice on how to stay on topic. I think I am doing that, with the exception of my public speaking/accidental political activist blog, I looking at challenging myself in 2015 to live a healthier, more productive life.

So, to those who stumble upon this process and check in or follow along. THANK YOU. Hopefully one of us knows what their doing.


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