Road to Healthy

Today I made two steps to a healthier lifestyle. I tried a Green Berry Shakeology shake. Made it with 2% milk b/c it’s what I had in the fridge & added some frozen fresh fruit since I don’t have ice. It’s better than I expected. Have three other favors to try if I can successfully add it to my struggling morning routine.

Also my mother called that she say some exercise thing on QVC and wondered if it would be good for my shoulder. I have a frozen shoulder. Been dealing with it for just over a year. It has been frustrating. It started with a burning sensation that would wake me up if I laid wrong. After three weeks of that, I went to my GP and he took a neck X-ray that showed a muscle spasm in my neck. Prescribed muscle relaxers & a heating pad. A month later it was worse. If I tried to lift my left arm above my head for things like washing my hair, or closing my trunk were excruciating. If I moved too quickly without thing, I’d see starts and spontaneously burst into tears. It would take my breath away. Went back to the doctor. He suggested physical therapy. They were undecided as to if it was the muscle spasm or frozen shoulder or both. The day after my birthday I received a cortisone shot. That was April 3rd, 2014.

I began noticing similar symptoms in my right shoulder. Not to the extent of my left, but I was terrified of having two shoulders that were useless and quite painful. So the week of Christmas I went back to the shoulder specialist & got a shot in the right shoulder to prevent the progression. I am not a surgical candidate and while I still get pins and needles through my fingers, my range of motion and excruciating pain have improved. I go to a neck specialist at the end of the month.

So, I digress but my mom saw this exercise tension bar thing that is supposed to be easy and user friendly. The resistance is similar to the bands that I have from PT that are inconvenient b/c I have to use a door for resistance. This gadget I could use while watching TV or whatever.

Why is it being healthy costs a hell of a lot more money than the alternative? Found another Blog on how to be happy with ourselves.


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