“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

I have no excuse but this place – a three bedroom flat that I live in alone, has gotten out of control. I am not a hoarder… Yet it seems I have more stuff than any single person should.

I began on New Year’s Eve, purging and cleaning and organizing. I discovered that I am way better at organizing than cleaning, but both are required. I commute an hour each way to work. That gets exhausting and limits my ambition on week days. I have all intentions of being productive on weekends but then either a book or a nap thwart my plans and usually one of the two days I am required to go to my parents’. So NOTHING gets accomplished.

My coworkers laugh because at work I am OCD when it comes to my teaching space. Everything is labeled and neat and organized but home is a different story.

I make to do lists but them never seem to be completed. I read articles, blogs and books on how to manage my time better.

After sleeping in, something I rarely do, I read this blog this morning. Sounds simple, right? Like Nike says, Just Do It! I am awesome of making lists and I LOVE crossing something off. I am a paper and pen girl, loving the satisfying feeling of drawing a line through something. But the lists never seem to shrink. I wash the dishes and put dishes away but then I stupidly eat or drink something else and thee are new dirty dishes. Same applies to laundry. The only way to avoid laundry is to run around naked but that is frowned upon.

In my job, I write IEPs (individual education plans) where our goals must be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. As I’ve been reading blogs these past few weeks, I’ve noticed SMART goals apply here too.

I’ve also read several spices recommending to start in the pantry. First by taking inventory, then by organizing and cleaning. Strangely, my pantry is one of the places that I am anal about keeping neat and organized. And since I live alone it is not hard to keep that way, but I have never inventoried it.

So my goal for today s to inventory, organize and tidy my pantry.

Here goes nothing.


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