Comedy of Errors

So much for that whole trying to be more organized in the new year. Last night after my dose of political activism, I made sure to pack up my Wii to bring to school this morning as we have winter activities and I host a Just Dance party for the kids. So pack it all up, set the grocery bag by the door and good to go. No scrambling in the morning…

Except that it snowed. I drive an hour to Vermont. There was no delay at my school like 4 of the 8 districts I drive through to get to work. I cannot leave earlier than 7 because then it’s still dark and that’s worse. So…. I leave… Remember my Star Wars shoes in my bag, my lunch…

Roads suck. Can’t go above 25-30 mph. I’m ok with that. Driving slow is fine. Stopping then going and turning are what suck.

Halfway to work, 45 minutes into the drive that should only take an hour on a good day, I realize that I never grabbed the shopping bag. In fact I had either stepped over or walked around it. If it had been decent weather, I would have just turned around and picked it up but the roads sucked so I just kept coasting along.

2 hours after I left my house, I arrive at school and I realize I also put in the bag with the Wii, a piece of school equipment I have been transporting for an after school program T, W & TH. That slightly complicates my day.

Later this morning, I decided I would play Disney’s Frozen Trouble with one of my kiddos. I would pop the dice but then forget whose turn it was to move. Once is funny but I did this multiple times. The kiddo won because I couldn’t function at all. Not even coffee was helping.

Perhaps it was the lack of caffeine, the lack of sleep or stress of driving 25 mph on crappy roads. My brain was not functioning on all cylinders. Thankfully I have amazing coworkers who went home and grabbed her Wii and the kids were all happy.

I then was challenged TWICE to Just Dance 2015 and “What does the Fox say?” Lost one, won one.

I think I should have had a make your own snow day and never left my bed.


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