52 week, 21 day…challenges

So this blog came about because I kept seeing “challenges” around the Internet to help better our lives. Great! Sign me up. The one I perused today was this one.

But they also don’t apply to me. I don’t have kids or a family room. Still I can apply many of the basic principles and I do try to.

Two things I have difficulty with… Oh there are so many more than two but the two I’ve been thinking about today are meal planning and planning my wardrobe for the week.

This requires the time to set them up but also the concept that on Wednesday I FEEL like eating and wearing what I chose on Sunday when I was in a very different mental state. I may not FEEL like wearing a skirt (who am I kidding, it’s winter in Vermont, my standard wardrobe is cords and a sweater, jeans and a fleece on Fridays) but I may not be in the mood for chicken quesadillas either Maybe I want PB&J

So I am adapting these ideas to fit my personality. Now that I have taken inventory of my pantry and moved things around to make them more efficient, I am going to try to plans my meals for the WEEK. Not a month, that is too much commitment for me. And I have gotten into the habit in this my first week back to school, to set out my clothes the night before to make my morning smoother. That seems to work for me.

So, step one: inventory pantry. Check.
Step two: make a grocery list of necessities not already on hand. Like the tomato soup I need to replace because it was expired.
Step three: make a plan for the week, using what I have or based on one grocery store stop.
Step four: follow through on the plan
Step five: next weekend reevaluate the procedure. What worked well? What was a challenge?


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