Us vs. Them… or Maybe it’s just Me

I realize as I begin this that I keep singling out Stay-At-Home Moms and I don’t mean to make it an us (single, working people) vs them situation. My Mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom for 20 years, only going back to work when I was in 1st grade, with 2 other kids in college. My best friend is lucky enough to be a Stay-At-Home Mom and I know countless mom’s who would kill to be able to stay home instead of slaving away to pay for childcare. Stay-At-Home Mom’s should be revered and their advice heeded. They are in the trenches, they get it. They have responsibilities that I could never fathom and patience I don’t. But they get a bad rap as women who “stay home, sitting on their asses while eating bon-bons and watching soap operas.” And we, the single set are often accused of not understanding what they do all day, the challenges they face. We are too busy being self absorbed, drinking and hooking up. Us vs. Them, right?

No! The misconceptions we have of each other can ruin life-long friendships. We all have jobs and responsibilities. My job as a teacher is no more or less important than the guy who cooks the burgers at McDonalds or the Stay-At-Home Mom. We ALL share the burdens of providing; whether money or care or support. We ALL share the stresses of the daily grind, whether it be the commute, the cranky customers or changing diapers. We ALL want to take a sick day and stay under the covers but we can’t because we have responsibilities. They are what drive us.  ALL OF US.

That being said, the advice and the expertise these amazing women have to offer doesn’t always apply to me. That is why I am here. I want to sort out the best of their advice and challenges and take what applies to me and others like me and hopefully find some balance in the process.

There is no US AGAINST THEM in this. This is a journey and a process and they are a resource, something to strive for and a guide. I thank them, especially as a teacher, for all that they do.

I do not believe Stay-At-Home Moms stay home, sitting on their asses eating bon-bons anymore than Kindergarten teachers play all day or any of the other misconceptions about teachers. Each of us have challenges and brilliant ideas on how to face them so, instead of judging, let’s collaborate.


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