New Year, New Beginning, right?

So, practically everyday for the past two weeks, I have been reading one group or another “challenging” me to eat better, declutter better, budget better, workout better.

I readily admit that I need help with all of these areas and some of these blogs and posts I’ve read have AMAZING ideas. But I’ve found that a majority of these people are Stay-At-Home Mom’s whose primary responsibility is managing a home. And they’re good at it. Ridiculously good. Like I want to be like them when I grow up good. They are organized and together and exhaust me just reading all of their accomplishments.

Then there’s me: soon to be forty, recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, single, responsible for soon to be eighty year old parents, and commute at least an hour each way across three states to my teaching job. By the time I arrive home from work, I am way too exhausted to accomplish much and the desire to cook something delicious and healthy AND clean up after myself wanes fast. My weekends mean one day is usually dedicated to going to my parents, thus accomplishing only half of my intent if I am lucky. Plus everyone has a day where they just want to get lost in a great cup of coffee and a book.

So I am taking the inspiration I have gotten from these sites and running with it, doing what I do best, modifying something to fit my needs. And to keep myself honest, I am sharing my progress with whoever is out there.

My disclaimer: I rarely ever finish what I start. This could be a short journey.


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